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We are Recruiting all classes and Souls. Please fill out our application for the website access and then send Bandoc, Zyam, Giandia, or Zyanis a /tell in game and we will invite you. Thank you for your interest in Unity.
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Welcome to the Unity Guild Website. We are a casual playing guild that Raids and Quest's and Tradeskills. We do not make any of these mandatory but week encourage everyone to attend all our events. We do realize that Family comes first always over the game. Some of us have been playing mmo's together for 10 years or more. Started out in Everquest, then some went to Everquest 2. Some have went to WoW and some have went to LOTRO. So now we have been slowly gathering here in Rift. We are a new guild we are learn the game as much as you are if you would like to join us so that we can learn and grow as a guild together. Please send tell to Bandoc, Zyam, Zolace, Giandia, or Zyanis. We play Rift on the Endless Shard. We do have a Teamspeak 3 server that you can you while you play.
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Darkening Deeps Videos

Zyman, Jun 9, 11 6:44 PM.

Guild Dungeon Event - Gloamwood Follow-Up

Gandy Fyrecaster, Jun 8, 11 1:14 AM.
We worked our way down to the 2nd to last mob. The Spider, we tried several times to kill him but we were unsuccessful.
The guild will attempt to finish this dungeon before moving on to Scarlett Gorge.

Fea Dungeon

Zyman, Jun 6, 11 11:11 AM.
Well once again we complete the Fae dungeon. We had four members show up so we started going through the dungeon. We were flying through the mobs with no problem until just after trickster then all of the rangers showed and just mowed us down. We regrouped, then we took them all down. Flew to the next boss with no problems. We kept this up all the way through until the very end. Then after fae, Cinderon decided to show so we decided to take him out as well for Sisin. After that helped a few people knock out some of their quests that they needed to complete. Fun was had by all.
Now don't forget Tuesday we have a new dungeon that we have not complete yet as a guild we should have no problem with this one I. Think this one we will own. Also we have another one on Saturday that I hope everyone can make also. Zy

Guild Events Have Started ! !

Gandy Fyrecaster, May 25, 11 9:00 PM.
As the Unity Guild grows, we are banding together more often to accomplish Guild quests and conduct Guild Events. Keep watch on the calendar on the site for upcoming dates and times of Guild Events.

This space will provide some info on the happenings of the Unity Guild.
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